We have launched two software today in order to help your marketting, it will increase your sales by 50% more with below achievement;

SFWM LTD EMail Finder allow you to;

* ability to search for email using sources like search engines, websites, local files, ect to specified key words. 
* Search on the basis of either keywords or URLs 
* Export with full flexibility using formats suitable for spreadsheet applications, email clients or databases, i.e.txt, cvs etc 

Download Demo @ https://sfwebhostin.com/client/downloads/SFWMEmailFinder_Setup.exe

Order this now at $145 one time per PC,  

SFWM LTD Email Verifier enable you to; 

* Remove bad email to reduce mailer demo (it allow your SMTP to last longer) 
* Check if your list are still valid
* Real-time display verification status
* Convenient exporting data using TXT and CSV formats.
* We use different verification results. 

Even more, try demo

Download Demo @ https://sfwebhostin.com/client/downloads/SFWMEmailFinder_Setup.exe

Order this now at $145 one time per PC

In order to receive more discount, order the two software at $200

You can place order by sending an email to payment@sfwm.us 

Offer expires once 1000 License issued. Normal price $275 per Software.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

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