We are very sorry for any issue might have had due to our offline but as we earlier inform you, we are changing our ISP infrastructure as required in order to keep our 24/7 support promise.

Please do excerses more patient and we are sure this installation should be completed on or before 15th, September, 2015, remember orders both new and existing will not be affected with this process, your existing server, services and it related service will not be affected meanwhile we turn off some security process in order to keep most process secure.

Our support staff will be working on tickets request, please do excerses patient at this time and please understand this is our first time of major office down time and it is just required/important we change ISP for us to keep our 24/7 technical support promise.

NB: Our ISP are connected to almost all communication with SFWM LTD support staff and it resources.

We will keep you updated on or before 13th, September,2015.

Thank you for your understanding.

Friday, September 11, 2015

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