Happy New Month,

Just Like the Eagle,
You’ll fly Like Gold,
You will be Valued Like the Sun,
You shall shine bright Like the river,
You shall flow unlimited Like the Palm Tree,
You shall Flourish and like Money, You shall be Useful
Happy New Month …

Future Release and Project Update

1. Swift Tech is fully Live
2. Open Business opportunity, write sales@sfwm-store.us if you need to start any type of E commence business
3. New Payment System to be released, Liberty Reserve and Egopay has been declared closed.
4. SFWM LTD is trying to stop virtual payment and stick to Local Payment
5. Ghana Office relocation (More details will be share)
6. Online Shopping will Go live before end of April
7. sfwm-store.us has been schedule for redesign (Await new friendly design with additional functions)
8. Planning to owned additional Cloud Space in Africa
9. Pending Approval > WiFi Connection in all Local Location
10.Price reduction on Remote Services

Check the list of E-commence Business you can start immediately; http://sfwm.us/ecommercescript.php

We are hiring in USA, Ghana and Nigeria please send your cv to legal@sfwebhostin.biz

Thursday, April 2, 2015

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